Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Indeed

To all who participated in the video compilation,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I got plenty of attention over my birthday weekend, so I'm not trying to keep hogging the bday spotlight, but I wanted to step out one more time in order to thank you all for your wonderful contributions to the video that Erika made!

I may not say this enough, but my friends are probably the most important thing in my life. To me, life is pointless without you. The most memorable and fun experiences I have occur while I'm laughing uncontrollably with any one of you, or working on something creative together that we just know is going to be great, or sharing the stage somewhere we only imagined we'd be.

As I watched the video, this is all I could think about: You are all incredibly talented, smart, kind, beautiful, and awesome people, and you each enrich my life in your own special way. I hope that I can provide even a small percentage back to you, what you give to me.
I had to pat myself on the back for surrounding myself with so many amazing humans (and animals too!). I am filthy rich with great friends! Nothing will make me forget that, and I thank you all for being who you are! Each of you make the world a better place just by being in it!

I'm excited to enter my 30's knowing what I've learned about life from the experiences I've shared with you all!

To my lovely girlfriend, Erika.
I can't thank you enough for everything, I love you more than anything, and my whole life revolves around making sure that you're happy. I'm so sorry I can't be there for your birthday, I hope it's a good one in spite of my absence, and additionally, it crushes me that I can't help you decorate our little tree and listen to christmas music in our home while you make amazing deserts for us, or spend Thanksgiving keeping you company while you make the most delicious non-bird-related dinner ever. I love you and miss you, and the dog. Please take Lula to chase the cats out back for me, it's the key to her little heart.

I will be home soon and I expect to see plenty of all of you next year!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hittin' the road

I'm playing bass in a super rad heavy metal band. There's a tour on the books for November 15th-December 21st covering the sates and Canada. It's incredibly fun and satisfying, and damn what a workout. I ordered a sweet-ass hand exerciser from D'addario to make sure my fingers don't fry in two gigs!
Stoked on the workout, stoked on the players, stoked on the hang.
The band is called Holy Grail. Click on the album cover for tour dates!!

D'addario Dynaflex.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Man overboard

Ahhh the Note Boat. Nary hath a vessel gone so neglected for so many a fortnight. Nevertheless she's a fine ship.

Ok, enough of that crap.

My solo record is on hold for a minute while I keep some other projects moving forward. I'm speaking with some friends of mine about hitting the road with them mid-November up to the holidays, so I need to get a bunch of work done before I leave. And ps.. road gig is on THE BASS!.. I know crazy.
I'm writing a whole record for my good friend Bethany, who goes by Lilly B when she records. And when I say write I mean co-write. She handles the lyrics and sometimes even some melody ideas, and I develop them the rest of the way, and then Spiker makes it sound like it was recorded at Oceanway for a ten million dollar budget. Genius. Let's keep doing this, it's a fun way to do things, and it works.
I have another project that's too top secret to even talk about, but my partners and I have already written the entire record, and it's coming together as my favorite thing I've ever done musically. And when you hear it you'll say.. "Ohhhh.. you're right, this IS amazing!" Yes, I'm that into it... and so shall you be too.

Not a lot else to say really. I'm writing this as I take a break from practicing the bass. An instrument I never really cared about playing until now. And it's flippin' fun, man! I hope I can do a good job on this bass gig. It's technically demanding, and that's exactly what I need. A swift kick in my finger's asses. Be it the low end or the high.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sentimental jams

I've been writing my new record all summer, whenever I find some time in between all the other stuff I've been up to.
I'm about 6 tunes in. Songs don't ever come to me quickly. Or sometimes the bulk of a tune will come in a day, but it might be another week or two on polishing up the words. Either way, I know it'll be a couple months before I've got the whole thing written, but I'm hopefully going to be recording throughout the whole writing process to try to speed things up.

Now that gets me around to this. I have a real and legitimate love for soft and sentimental songs from the 70's. There's just something about that sound that really moves me. And not because of some lame ironic reason, but because I really do love old Paul Davis jams, and the songs of David Gates. I've been listening to a lot of James Taylor, Paul Simon, and Harry Neilson, as well as lesser known folksters from the era, like Maury Muehleisen, and a duo called Lambert and Nuttycomb.

What is it about that sound that really speaks to me? Well I can tell you a few things for sure. The unabashed way in which they all seem to deliver the most earnest words. To me, it's takes a lot more courage to sing that kind of stuff than anything else, and I find that admirable. Also, the vocal style is always really soft and present, almost like they're just talking to you. I find it comforting. And in cases where there's orchestration, it's always impossibly beautiful, and sits so perfectly with the simple guitar arrangements. So those points I can say for sure, and additionally, there's just a vibe that emanates from those AM Gold classics that just makes me happy. I can't really explain it, but it's definitely not a pleasure that I feel the least bit guilty about.

So be forewarned, there will be some sappy and sentimental jams on this next album, and I couldn't be more stoked about that fact.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bonnaroo and my Total Guitar Guest Blog

I'd love to say this.. "Sorry I've stopped updating my Note Boat blog constantly, I've been busy with my Total Guitar guest blog, and a million other things."
The truth is this.. "I've started a bi-monthly(?) guest blog with Total Guitar magazine, and it's kind of taken the place of my already relaxed schedule of updating my personal blog, The Note Boat, whenever I see fit."
I have been deliciously busy however. Getting ready for Bonnaroo was awesome. We had a great time the whole way. Our usual drummer Brooks Wackerman could not make it, so Trainwreck's drummer Nate Rothacker filled in for him, and totally killed it. He was literally brought to tears after the show from pieces of his own melted face dripping into his eye holes... Ok, I promise I wont make any more face melter jokes... Seriously though.. It was an awesome show, and we do all tend to get a little emotional afterwards as we all celebrate our own awesomeness. Our yearly reminder of the sheer power of the D. I hope the 3rd album gets recorded and comes out sooner than later, and forces the D to get a little more busy. It truly is an amazing power force of kickass.
Anywho, my guest blog for Total Guitar is a go. Please check it out. Here's a link to entry number two. From there you can link to entry number 1.
The first two entries are very much geared towards young gunslingers who want to break into the biz and are as passionate about everything guitar that I am. We're going to take it into other directions though as the year progresses. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that people give a shit, because I have a great time doing them.

PS>I've begun writing a solo album that I'm pretty stoked about. It's going to be a follow up to my acoustic album "Kones" available here.
John Konesky - Kones - Theodore's Lullaby
It's not going to be as notey, in fact it will also be my first release I've been a part of with me doing the lions share of singing, which is becoming something I really really enjoy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ronnie James

In my career there is one distinction I hold most dear. I've had the honor of playing on a song with the great Ronnie James Dio. Every time I get the chance to tell someone about this I do, because for me it is a point of great pride. He was an icon, and to me, personified everything that is great about Heavy Metal. He perfected the art; and by the time I got the chance to meet him, he still came off as the most humble and kind human being I've ever met. Watching him sing was witnessing a master at work, as well as somebody who truly loves what they do. A man who had found his calling, his true passion, and devoted his life to it. Ronnie, you've touched us all, and you will be sorely missed.

Monday, April 5, 2010

non-musical endeavors

This year I've already had two movies come out. One of which I have lines in. Pretty neat. I mean, I live in Los Angeles, you're supposed to do this kind of thing right?.. And hey, the phone's just not been ringing as often for guitar work, so why the hell not.
In addition I've launched an LLC with a friend/business partner based out of South Carolina. We're a small scale inventions firm called K&R concepts LLC. I've always leaned towards the entrepreneurial side, and have wanted to try something like this for a long time. We're developing two ideas right now that are both pretty solid. And it's nice to work with someone as thorough and obsessive about details as I am. Again, if you have the time, why not pursue it?
Think about this, what if you had no insecurities, and never second guessed anything you ever did, and just went for it. Well, there's any number of results that would come of this, one being, you could end up really successful.. Not too bad right? I'd also venture a guess that some folks have followed this path and ended up leaving a pretty nasty stain on our culture. But, you have to respect the commitment and work ethic of those that just go for it.
I'm going to strive to be like that. Just working my ass of and going for it until something hits.

I quit drinking a year ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Hangovers do not equal productivity.

Goals this year include:
More touring
Developing new musical projects
LLC owning at least one trademark, start patent process
T.D. record (I have no control over this but keeping my fingers crossed)
Make a million dollars for some reason.