Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting things done

When I'm overwhelmed with work, I like to imagine I'm Michael Corleone, and my tasks are heads of rival mafia families that need "dealt" with. You just gotta go in and clean house sometimes. Wrap up everything you can, in the time you have, so you can relax without fear of execution.
Of course relaxation turns to boredom in no time at all.
I want to be busier than I am.. Well, actually, I want to be busier with works that pays me. I feel like I literally spend all my time, investing that time.
I'm just so curious to see what this year brings...
That's really all for this one..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the road again

Touring is the most fun part of music for me. Sure writing and being creative is satisfying, but there's nothing like bringing it to the people. I liken it to being a traveling salesman. Every city is a new doorstep that requires a knock, and a subsequent pitch. The difference is that people have paid, and want to be there, so that takes a little pressure off the pitch...It's like having amazing leads, every time. That doesn't necessarily mean people are lining up around the block, but at least it means you don't have folks there who would rather be somewhere else...And there's exceptions to every rule..But generally this is the way it works, at least in the world of Trainwreck.
When our late Jan. NorCal run started really shaping up, we decided to put in for a string of dates in March over the course of 3 weeks that would take us back through some of our favorite cities in the mid-west and high-south. I could not be more excited to hit the road again with my good buddies..And I really can't wait to melt some new faces. And now that we finally have a record, we actually have a product to sell. So after essentially being on an unwanted two-year hiatus from the road, we've started the engines back up, and are giving it another go. We're more prepared, we sound better, and the show is pure entertainment. Annnnnnnddd, I'm also looking forward to the coming months because I've been hearing some rumblings from another little band most of us play with called Tenacious D..something about another album and maybe some shows!!
Stoked about the coming shows stateside, and keeping my fingers crossed that we can make it to UK/Europe this year.... We shall see!

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