Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bonnaroo and my Total Guitar Guest Blog

I'd love to say this.. "Sorry I've stopped updating my Note Boat blog constantly, I've been busy with my Total Guitar guest blog, and a million other things."
The truth is this.. "I've started a bi-monthly(?) guest blog with Total Guitar magazine, and it's kind of taken the place of my already relaxed schedule of updating my personal blog, The Note Boat, whenever I see fit."
I have been deliciously busy however. Getting ready for Bonnaroo was awesome. We had a great time the whole way. Our usual drummer Brooks Wackerman could not make it, so Trainwreck's drummer Nate Rothacker filled in for him, and totally killed it. He was literally brought to tears after the show from pieces of his own melted face dripping into his eye holes... Ok, I promise I wont make any more face melter jokes... Seriously though.. It was an awesome show, and we do all tend to get a little emotional afterwards as we all celebrate our own awesomeness. Our yearly reminder of the sheer power of the D. I hope the 3rd album gets recorded and comes out sooner than later, and forces the D to get a little more busy. It truly is an amazing power force of kickass.
Anywho, my guest blog for Total Guitar is a go. Please check it out. Here's a link to entry number two. From there you can link to entry number 1.
The first two entries are very much geared towards young gunslingers who want to break into the biz and are as passionate about everything guitar that I am. We're going to take it into other directions though as the year progresses. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that people give a shit, because I have a great time doing them.

PS>I've begun writing a solo album that I'm pretty stoked about. It's going to be a follow up to my acoustic album "Kones" available here.
John Konesky - Kones - Theodore's Lullaby
It's not going to be as notey, in fact it will also be my first release I've been a part of with me doing the lions share of singing, which is becoming something I really really enjoy.