Thursday, October 28, 2010

Man overboard

Ahhh the Note Boat. Nary hath a vessel gone so neglected for so many a fortnight. Nevertheless she's a fine ship.

Ok, enough of that crap.

My solo record is on hold for a minute while I keep some other projects moving forward. I'm speaking with some friends of mine about hitting the road with them mid-November up to the holidays, so I need to get a bunch of work done before I leave. And ps.. road gig is on THE BASS!.. I know crazy.
I'm writing a whole record for my good friend Bethany, who goes by Lilly B when she records. And when I say write I mean co-write. She handles the lyrics and sometimes even some melody ideas, and I develop them the rest of the way, and then Spiker makes it sound like it was recorded at Oceanway for a ten million dollar budget. Genius. Let's keep doing this, it's a fun way to do things, and it works.
I have another project that's too top secret to even talk about, but my partners and I have already written the entire record, and it's coming together as my favorite thing I've ever done musically. And when you hear it you'll say.. "Ohhhh.. you're right, this IS amazing!" Yes, I'm that into it... and so shall you be too.

Not a lot else to say really. I'm writing this as I take a break from practicing the bass. An instrument I never really cared about playing until now. And it's flippin' fun, man! I hope I can do a good job on this bass gig. It's technically demanding, and that's exactly what I need. A swift kick in my finger's asses. Be it the low end or the high.