Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm gonna keep this one brief since I like my blog to stay more positive and music related, but I just had to do a quick one about the accident I was just in.
As a guitarist, my hands and arms are my most valuable asset. At some point I will have them insured. For now, I'm just gonna be really careful. That does not mean, however, that accidents can't happen... The other night I came dangerously close to losing the left half of my body to an erratic, cholo-gang-banger, ex-con, who somehow got the job driving a city bus. The worst part is, technically I'm at fault(according to the city) because of all the loopholes designed to protect the city's interests. Oh well, there's worse things than having to pay your deductible, I could be in a hospital bed.
I think it's important to explain that my written attack on the driver is not unfounded. Normal, mature, and evolved adult humans, who can handle themselves in situations of heightened stress, know that fighting doesn't solve anything. IT NEVER DOES. Our city bus drivers on the other hand subscribe to a much different moral code. One that apparently says: Be sure to try to attack someone if they ever threaten your low-paying shitty job. Which, not surprisingly, is exactly what happened. The man raised his voice and threw his arms in the air and literally came at me. When I tried to walk away he kept pursuing until finally a cop had to hold him back and explain to him(In much nicer words Im sure) that he's a fuckin' idiot and is risking getting in more trouble than he could ever imagine for just being in an accident.
In my humble opinion, these personality types are what's wrong with our beautiful world. Destructive, aggressive, impulsive, and down-right dumb, with little to no desire to better themselves.
So, be careful around busses. They can be very dangerous when driven with no regard for pedestrians. But in addition, be careful around these types of people. They are leftovers from a time when man didn't know right from wrong, or that coexisting peacefully was good for the betterment of the species. Unfortunately this makes up a large percentage of our population I'm afraid.
Ok, Warchild is in the shop getting a fresh wing. I'm glad I don't need a new one, because we don't have the technology. Here's her battlescar.


  1. those damn cro-magdon types... they definitely make up the majority of the populous in L.A. glad you're ok... for one, you didn't get half your body torn off by a bus and two, the crazy driver didn't knife you after his mistake... shitty shit.

  2. myspace.com/kenneth49 said..
    we need to hang out sometime. i cant have you being nearly killed by crazy fucks.