Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Neykov session

I meant to put this blog up awhile ago, but I got so tied up with the release of the Trainwreck album I never got around to it....
...Not since Lionel Richie has a man named Lionel crafted such catchy and beautiful pop/R&B songs. Ok...There's been better intros to blogs, but for real, this kid's got something. Spiker and I got the call on this one from producer George Drakoulias, who we worked for on the Runaways session this summer. We were both really excited about this particular session because we haven't had a chance to work in this style since we had our own band, The Spiker-Konesky band; An R&B/Blue Eyed Soul group we formed when we lived in Columbus, and performed with for a short time out here in L.A.
One thing has been a mainstay when working with George: The session will take place in an amazing time-warp studio somewhere in the valley. This job was no exception. The vibes in these places are incredible. Dave's studio was originally built by George Duke in the early 70's, from what I heard, and appeared to be unchanged since, save for some new gear, in addition to the old classics. I'll just let the pictures do the talking...

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